28 June 2015

Latest News: Summer 2015

Nothing momentous to report, but big things are in the works:

Author Gwen Dandridge is at work on her next YA book, The Dragons' Chosen, and has posted a sample chapter on her website (click HERE). Publication is planned for very early this coming January (2016).

Author R. A. Finley is at work on her next book, The Vale of Silence (Book Three in The Wheel of the Year series). She is open to comments and advice on the latest version of the book cover, posted "in progress" on her website HERE. Also, two brief exerpts of the in-progress writing are posted on the book's main site, HERE.

19 December 2014

Latest News

The Darkest Midnight is available far and wide!

Please find its page HERE to order it direct from Hickory Tree Publishing. (If you so choose, you may request to have your copy signed by the author.)

Please click HERE to be taken to the book's page on the author's website where you will find links to other online stores (for both ebook and print) as well as the ISBN number should you wish to ask your favorite local book retailer to order it for you.

If you live near Ashland, Oregon you may also find signed copies at Unicorn Gifts and Toys (242 E. Main St.).

Also, a big congratulations to author Gwen Dandridge for the wonderful Publishers Weekly review of her book, The Stone Lions:
Debut author Dandridge explores the complex world of 15th-century Islamic Spain in this fantasy. Ara, the unruly daughter of the sultan of Alhambra, and her shy cousin Layla are swept up in a magical plot to destroy the palace and usurp its rightful ruler. Working with a visiting Sufi “mathemagician” named Tahirah and the magically transformed harem eunuch Suleiman, Ara and Layla must learn the secrets of symmetry—an integral part of Islamic art and central to the magic of the Alhambra—to stop a great evil from tearing apart their home. Dandridge brings a deep respect for historical accuracy and Islamic culture to the story, and although her interpretation of Sharia law may sometimes err on the stricter side, her depiction of women’s everyday lives in aristocratic 1400s Spain is spot-on. Her prose is slightly stiff in exposition dealing with the principles of symmetry, but Dandridge plays her own academic background for laughs with the scholarly Tahirah. More importantly, the story never stops feeling like a Rowling-esque adventure, pitting brave girls against seemingly impossible odds—mathematically speaking, of course. Ages 8–up.

07 September 2014

Ashland Book and Author Festival 2014

Just a quick post in between chapter edits on The Darkest Midnight to say: R. A. Finley will be participating in The Ashland Books and Authors Festival on September 20th.

She will be reading from The Stone of Shadows (11:00-11:20am) and participating in the panel discussion: "Strange Worlds: Fantasy and Science Fiction" (2:00-3:00pm). The rest of the time she will be at a table with copies of The Stone of Shadows to sell and promotional postcards to give away on a first come, first serve basis.

For more information about the festival, please click HERE