30 April 2013

One Proof Down...

…and another to go! 

The Createspace print book was much nicer than I'd expected after having read online reviews. The heavy, glossy cover and (what I think of as a) "textbook" style crease does shout out "non-traditionally published!" as does the heavy, smooth paper used for the interior—have I mentioned it's heavy?—but I'm pleased. Really pleased.

That said, somehow the cover image placement went awry (my confusion plus confusing and/or conflicting instructions) and I found the font too large. My fault, that. But what looked fine at 100% on the computer screen looked to be almost Large Print on paper.

So, tomorrow a second Createspace proof should arrive, this time in the 5.25" x 8.00" trim size I'd initially wanted (smaller font meant fewer pages—hooray!) and with a cover image that didn't bring up any red flags in the review process.

I'm hopeful. The interior isn't through the final copy edit, but it's close--and if the Createspace proof "passes muster," then I can try out my files on Lightning Source...and be just a few mouse-clicks away from making the book available for purchase.

Home stretch, here we come.