24 April 2013

TSOS Working Cover

Working Cover: The Stone of Shadows
For reasons that I may go into in a separate post, I'm doing the early "proofing" phase through Createspace (an Amazon company). It seemed simple enough, thanks to their templates and tools, yet when it came time to submit my file for review, things got a little awkward. Apparently it was the wrong size for the selected trim size (5.5" x 8.5") and page count. I thought I'd used the relative dimensions given in the templateand very carefully followed the guidelines as far as what the actual size/resolution of the file should be.

But, alasand at this point, oddlyno. Someone (or someone's automated program) has adjusted it for me, however, rather than simply informing me of the error so I could correct it myself. And with that came the warning that while care was taken to make sure nothing vital was trimmed, there could be no assurances given that things had remained where I'd wanted (namely, I suppose, the text along the spine)...and I was encouraged to order a printed copy. As I'd planned all along.

Hopefully (and given the care I took, I suspect "probably") things will be essentially where they should and I can concentrate on simply adjusting color and contrast, if needed, and leave that pesky sizing alonesince I've no idea what the problem was to begin with.

I suppose I could have their Template Generator make me yet another one. It wasas I saida simple enough thing to do.

It seems to look about right on their snazzy 3D mock-up, anyway: