17 February 2014

It's Here! (Part One)

The Createspace/Amazon print of the Second Edition arrived today, and the results of a Twitter post (my "thank you" to Chuck Wendig for his recent posts on publishing, which got me thinking about my book covers, and, so…voila) have been very flattering. Thanks again, @ChuckWendig, and everyone who took the time to favorite or reply. It was more than icing on what was already a cake of a day—it was like getting a whole extra cake. With icing on both. 

Here's the photo I'd taken for my "thank you":

It's darker than I'd expected—but going from digital to print is a tricky thing, and in this instance, it might even work in the book's favor. Sure, maybe I'd like to see more detail in the raven, but the text and rendition of the Stone sure stand out.

I didn't photograph the back cover since the lighting was wrong for it, but I'll say that it turned out slightly less "darker" (and thus more like the digital version). That text, too, stands out nicely—which is good, since there is a lot to read there.

This time around, both the Createspace and the Lightning Source versions will be matte covers, not glossy. While I do like glossy books, and think it makes for bolder, more even colors (especially with black), they also tend to show fingerprints (especially with black). Besides, I asked my mother and her vote trumped my momentary indecision.

I look forward to ordering the Lightning Source version to see how it prints.