05 February 2014

New Cover

The Stone of Shadows is getting a new cover!

You can compare the new with the old on the book's page HERE.

Updating the various files out there is going to take some time, but hopefully not much since it's essentially only a matter of swapping cover images. If having the new cover is important to you, I'd say wait a couple of weeks before purchasing. (I'll update this suggestion once I have a better idea of the exact timeframe.)

The story has not been changed one bit, so if the cover is not important to you, go ahead and purchase—and thank you very much!

To release a Second Edition less than a year after the First was not something I'd ever considered, but when work began on the cover for The Darkest Midnight, it began to feel necessary. For one, it is important to show that these books are part of a series. For another, there was a very annoying type-o on the back cover. (Those of you who own a First Edition*, go look now! I'll wait.)

And, finally, cohesion. The style of all the covers should identify them as parts of a whole. The text, "The Wheel of the Year: Book One," should at that point be simple conformation of an idea already planted.